Fei Fei Sun’s Amazing Vogue Italia January 2013

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Now it’s time for some quality fashion news! My dahlings! You need to see this cover! Fei Fei Sun’s Vogue Italia January 2013 is beyond amazing! It’s just Fashion, with a capital F! Steven Meisel photographed one of the most beautiful Vogue covers I’ve seen in a long, long time!

(It’s hard to ignore Vogue Italy’s issues, huh?) For 2013’s first issue, called ‘Global Life’, they chose Fei Fei! It sure sounds interesting, can’t wait to see more than this flawless preview! Oh – which reminds me – there’s this backstage video you can watch after the jump – I was really impressed by the looks of this pictorial and I am, again, thankful to Franca Sozzani for encouraging the right fashion attitude through her Vogue!

Fei Fei Sun Vogue Italy January 2013 cover

Now for the technical sheet: Fashion Editor Lori Goldstein worked with the magical Pat McGrath who chose Dolce & Gabbana makeup and Guido who chose Redken hair products. I’m simply mesmerized by Fei Fei and her beauty! Especially since we watched Cloud Atlas a couple of days ago and I’m still under the Wachowski / Tykwer influence (if you have 3 hours to spare and sympathy for all things Wachowski, do try Cloud Atlas).

Fei Fei Vogue Italy January 2013


#1 Ellington on 12.31.12 at 3:29 pm

It is lovely. Rather retro in styling.

#2 Anonymous on 12.31.12 at 10:53 pm

This is a really great cover. Where can I get a higher quality version to make into a poster?

#3 ana on 01.01.13 at 5:58 am

to Anonymous on 12.31.12 at 10:53 pm:

Uk based SURFACE VIEW (website here) digitally re masters paintings and photographs.

That is a magnificent cover! I am glad we started the fashion year in good way.

#4 Appollonia on 01.01.13 at 12:05 pm


Even the video is wonderful. Shows a perfect model and non other nonsense.

#5 Diyana on 01.01.13 at 2:13 pm


#6 K.D on 01.01.13 at 6:41 pm

I should love this cover – it has all the hallmarks of a great cover – model; minimal text; beautiful styling & the mood. But once again this movement to make beautiful women look ugly is front & centre – the makeup / hair is hideous.
If the movement is forward why retro makeup? Even in the 1950s the makeup although heavy made the models beautiful. China Machado was beautiful not ghoolish.

#7 K.D on 01.01.13 at 7:54 pm

PS. But I have to add this cover is far superior to US Vogue & UK Vogue in terms of creativity, inspiration, style & mood.

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