Hollywood Fame Star Event: Hugh Jackman’s Brown Suede Shoes

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You know, everyone usually concentrates on the ladies wardrobe. Especially for official events. The glitzy dresses, the sparkling shoes, the blinding blingies. But what about the men, huh? While not everyone out there is tuxed up in Tom Ford, something has to be done about the men walking the Red Carpet! Something needs to be said about what they’re wearing! (especially if they’re wearing it well!)

Why am I ranting about men on the Red Carpet when I personally barely write about men? (but that all to personal, you know I only have eyes for my Adored Husband! wink) Here’s why: Hugh Jackman showed up at the festivities of inauguration of his Hollywood Walk of Fame star wearing a gorgeous pair of brown suede shoes. High top, all buckled up, all contrasting but matching his blue suit. (take a closer look in the gallery, here!)

Hugh Jackman Hollywood Fame star blue suit

Calling for some fashion help here, in the name of quality style, please: who’s making the brown suede shoes worn by Hugh Jackman at his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star unveiling event? (thank you!) (images Jason Merritt, Getty; via)

what are Hugh Jackman s brown suede shoes

Hugh Jackman brown suede shoes

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