12.12.12. Concert: Kanye Wears Skirt On Stage

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While the fund raising event held last night at Madison Square Garden for those who were affected by hurricane Sandy was deemed a total success, 12-12-12 spawned yet another viral moment via Twitter. And all that – again – was jumpstarted by Kanye West and his stage doings.

Or outfits. This time, at least. Kanye West showed up for his stage performance wearing a hooded black long sleeved shirt and a black leather skirt over black leather leggings. Yes, you’re reading that right! Skirt and leggings. On Kanye West. On Stage. I thought he was supposed to style his girlfriend (for the record – that’s Kim Kardashian), not the other way around. So why do you think he chose a skirt?

Kanye West concert leather skirt leggings


#1 Diyana on 12.13.12 at 12:03 pm

I like it. Really he’s manish and I’m not disturbed by that skirt.
It’s maybe the very first time that I say something nice about Kanye

#2 kpriss on 12.13.12 at 9:56 pm

there’s a first time for everything ;) like his skirt here! Next time he might be trying spiked loubs, who knows?

After all, it doesn’t really bother me that much, he’s always so serious about his ‘fashion’ doings that one can’t hold it against him for playing dressup. childhood’s mommy’s closet tales revisited. ;)

#3 Appollonia on 12.15.12 at 10:30 am

This is the second time I spot Kanye wearing a skirt. This time on stage. He ain’t the first…looks good, it’s okay, he’s Kanye.

I forgot where and when but Lenny Kravitz wore something ‘skirt-isch’ too of late. Lenny also can pulls off anything he likes.

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