Is Zoe Saldana Pregnant?

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Last we heard about Zoe Saldana and her projects, she was under heavy fire for taking that role as Nina Simone in the legendary singer’s biopic movie. But recently surfaced images of lovely Zoe Saldana detect a noticeable bump under her belt. And not just on one occasion!

She was photographed dressed up at official events and dressed down, walking out and about town. What looked like Zoe Saldana’s baby bump was there still. What may happen here that wouldn’t necessarily mean she’s carrying Bradley Cooper’s child: that Zoe might have put on some weight for her role as Nina Simone. (the story continues after the jump; if you’re looking for more images showing the alleged baby bump, check out the gallery, here!)

Zoe Saldana baby bump possibly

After all, we all agree on more than one difference between Nina and Zoe and one of the easiest to make up for would be that miss Saldana, who’s always had a very slender constitution to start piling up pounds to get her closer to her character. On a more mindful inspection, you’ll also notice that Zoe’s arms and face seem fuller than usual… So what’s your take here? Baby bump or character build – up? (images from tFS)

Zoe Saldana pregnant maybe

Zoe Saldana various events with and without baby bump

Zoe Saldana dinner muffin top

is Zoe Saldana pregnant

Zoe Saldana Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook premiere

is Zoe Saldana baby bump

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