Dare To Wear Beaded Bow Ties By Innocent Creationz?

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(missed it, huh? I know I did! The DtW series is one of the most fun we’ve ever done!) Now: Innocent Creationz. They were introduced to me by our dear friend, Diyana. And I thank her for that! Because if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been aware of the sheer gorgeousness that is a beaded bow tie!

Yes! A Beaded Bow Tie! Colorful, happy – and the beads always give me that cozy feeling, that incomparable warmth of a handmade item. Besides the Bow Ties (which I absolutely love!), if you check out Innocent Creationz’ Facebook page (here), you’ll see some pretty rings & earrings as well (you can see them in the gallery here)! Beaded too, joyful and oh – so – handmade! So, my dahlings: do you Dare to Wear the beaded bow ties by Innocent Creationz? (or the rings and the earrings?)

gorgeous beaded bow ties by Innocent Creationz

colorful beaded earrings by Innocent Creationz

adorable yellow beaded bow tie by Innocent Creationz colorful beaded rings by Innocent Creationz pretty red beaded bow tie by Innocent Creationz

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#1 Riana on 10.20.12 at 10:05 am

Ah, I know a guy who dare to wear a beaded bow tie. I guess the red one would be his choice. Love the rings. Wouldn’t look good on me though :(

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