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Easy Quick DIY Bow Tutorial (Images)
You know me well by now and you know I’m a simple girl with simple pleasures. And one of them always takes the shape of... Read More

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Best Tie Tutorial: How To Tie A Bow Tie!
You know, despite my love for bow ties (and funny ties in general), I never faced the real ordeal perfecting the move until the kids... Read More

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Dare To Wear Beaded Bow Ties By Innocent Creationz?
(missed it, huh? I know I did! The DtW series is one of the most fun we’ve ever done!) Now: Innocent Creationz. They were introduced... Read More

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Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Engaged!
Ah! Nothing like a little Family Talk on a beautiful Sunday morning, huh! (we’re invited at a wedding ourselves this blessed Sunday, so twice the... Read More

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What Your Hair Bow Says About You!
Remember yesterday when I told you that, officially, hats are my new headbands? It’s true. I was wearing a lot of hair bows, bow ties... Read More

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Men Must Wear: Bow Ties
Before this, I only saw one use for bowties: headbands. Every bowtie I could get my hand on, was following the same path, ending somewhere... Read More

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Turn Your Old Shoes Into New Fancy Shoes With Shoe Clips!
I was thinking about this for a while and then I remembered I’ve seen it somewhere. Or at least I though I did, in my... Read More

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Fashionable Reading – The News Clutch Bag
They say the new technological wonders will absolutely erase the importance of the paper magazine / newspaper. Some find that to be a normal progression,... Read More

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