Everybody Talked About: Emma Watson’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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Yesterday I was too caught up in Apple’s iPhone5 web to think about anything else. Especially fashion! Or Red Carpet! But today, I can tell you that those who weren’t plugged in the Apple reality, were talking about Emma Watson’s wardrobe malfunction!

While promoting her new movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower in LA, Emma’s Armani dress was too revealing for the press to miss. And that, my dahlings, was yesterday’s big “fashion” topic! {E!online}

Emma Watson Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunction

As for the dress itself, it’s neither highly fashionable, nor highly classy. But that’s not something highly unusual for Emma. She’s known for taking a few risks when it comes to her Red Carpet image.

Something her stylist must deal with, I’m certain, especially when making each and every headline because of a minor unbalanced strap incident! Luckily, Emma is a big, smart girl who knows how to live with such Red Carpet pressure and its reverberations.

Emma Watson dress malfunction movie premiere

One day she’ll find her style and stick with it, thus avoiding strange mishaps such as this Armani layered beige dress. When in tryouts, one should stand, sit, turn, throw an entire fitness routine (kidding) just to see if the outfit stands the test of reality. It was clear as daylight, from the interview below, that Emma had troubles keeping the dress where it should and was well aware of the hiccups of the halter décolleté.

Emma Watson beige Armani dress malfunction Red Carpet

However, you know what they say, every mistake is a lesson well learned so hopefully we won’t get to see Emma awkwardly fixing the fit of her dress while answering questions about her latest movie…

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