MacLaren Baby Stroller On Betsey Johnson’s Spring 2013 Catwalk!

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If there’s one baby stroller I think deserves to walk in a Fashion Show, it’s MacLaren! I know there are so many other strollers out there, and many seem to be rated higher than the MacLaren, but I walked each of our four kids in a MacLaren and, hand on my heart, it’s the best!

So there it goes, the MacLaren baby stroller walks the Fashion Week runway for Betsey Johnson’s Spring Summer 2013 collection! It was a fun collection, as always and since she decided to use MacLaren for her show, Betsey will always have my deepest appreciation!

(consider this to be an honest recommendation: if you have no idea what stroller to buy, go for MacLaren! – and no, MacLaren has no idea who I am and this only comes from the heart, from one mother to all of you mothers out there, reading these lines)

MacLaren Baby Stroller on the catwalk Betsey Johnson Spring 2013

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