Between Marilyn Monroe And Barbie, Where’s The Beauty Ideal?

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Because just the other day we celebrated a half a century from Marilyn Monroe’s sudden, unexpected and still unresolved death, browsing through the interwebs today, I realized one important thing: while Marilyn is still the most appealing woman ever, we’re growing up and living with these distorted beauty ideals that are buried deep in our heads, pushing our physical conscience to perpetual unhappiness.

A significantly shocking picture shown on the DM site today is enough to make us shiver (and ban Barbie dolls collectively). A real woman’s body in comparison with Barbie’s body is a moral nightmare waiting to happen.

real woman body compared to Barbie s body

50 years later, Marilyn Monroe’s pictures and movies continue to fascinate and keep her high on the beauty icons pedestal. A far cry from today’s beauty ideals, however, it’s highly possible that Marilyn wouldn’t have stood a chance in our days. Her curvaceous body, next to a Barbie – like model / actress, could have appeared too much. Too heavy. Too real.

Barbie vs real life Marilyn

And who loves reality anymore? Not us! According to the marketing people, global advertising shows a constantly altered reality because we could realize, God Forbid, that actresses / models are just humans. Just like us (only richer). Instead of acknowledging this simple truth, celebrity is, with every day, every ad campaign, every movie and every Red Carpet, invested with superpowers.

Marilyn Monroe iconic red dress Barbie Doll

The superpower of being forever young. A lie, as we all know, carefully maintained by photo filters, Photoshop smooth tools and chemicals (like Botox). The superpower of being forever slim. A lie, as we all know, carefully maintained through Photoshop slimming actions, intensive workouts / diets and chemicals (drugs are not food, people!). The superpower of being forever in charge and relaxed. A lie, as we all know, carefully made possible by armies of nannies and legions of servants. Should I go on?

Marilyn Gentlemen Prefer Blondes barbie doll

It’s only Monday so I’ll just stop here, asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to look inside yourself where the beauty source really is! Not in computer altered reality. Beauty is what you do. Beauty is what you think. Beauty is in every one of us. Let’s focus on that and, you know, like Michael Jackson said “if you wanna make the world / A better place / Take a look at yourself and / Then Make a Change”! (carefully picked images from BarbieCollector, Luxist, FanPop and Arts-Stew)


#1 Riana on 08.06.12 at 1:10 pm

I watched The Kids Are Alright last Saturday and besides that I loved the film and was in love with Mark Ruffalo I was so moved with the natural look of Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. No smooth lighting here. These women have no work done! Annette no way! With the camera so close every wrinkle or flaw was visible. Bravo ladies.

I’m a fan of Julianne since forever. Saw the femme fatale Annette was in the same period I became an instant fan of Julianne. She has aged more but doesn’t seem to care. How refreshing.

Being a redhead myself I almost teared up because she showed off our redhead flaws like our thinner fair skin when our elbows get red easily. Other reddish spots, bruises on her legs and of course all the freckles etc. Bruises shows faster on most redheads skins.

The night before I had watched The Misfits with Marilyn. Her last movie as is well known. That woman was far from ‘fat’. Although she have had some work done it’s an old habit alas….but anyway she looked like a real woman as described above.

It’s clear I’m sick of the forever young, thin (wish I was able to gain some weight and sometimes I’m even desperate!!), altered, photoshop, airbrush etc. Sick, sick, sick, sick of it. I want to see real people like Julianne and Annette showed off: still so beautiful au natural. Both of them. I was even happier with myself after I watched these two. Yep, I know that sound odd.

So my dear Kpriss I did go on instead of you…oops…….

End of rant.

#2 Riana on 08.06.12 at 1:11 pm

OMG…..I am outta here……

#3 kpriss on 08.06.12 at 11:29 pm

We should fight this thing together ;) hopefully more will join us?

#4 S Anderson on 03.01.14 at 12:37 pm

I refuse to believe that first picture; there is no way a woman of that age would be that influenced by Barbie. Any woman who is insecure because of a doll has mental problems, not physical.
And Marilyn Monroe wouldn’t be accepted today because she would be too real?
Her 22″ waist says otherwise. And don’t even try to tell me a man would shun her in favor of spending his life witha 12″ plastic doll.

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