Barbie Fall Wardrobe Designer Update

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Girls do love their dolls, don’t they? So it would be slightly unfair to only preoccupy ourselves with our fall wardrobe and ignore our dolls friends’s closet. More fashionable, the better!

So who’s dressing Barbie this fall? Design luminaries from the uber trendsetting London such as Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar and Sister by Sibling. The special designs will be exhibited and sold through Selfridges where an entire department will be dedicated to Barbie and her fashion throughout the years and styles. But our beloved doll is a complete fashionista and she likes to keep an open wardrobe so the much-loved American label Coach is making its best to fit into her brand-full closet.

Barbie 2013 designer wardrobe

And really, judging from the looks proposed to Barbie (and especially her leather purses over which I’m absolutely drooling), I’m having a mild case of wardrobe envy. Am I the only one?

Barbie doll fashion Fred Butler

But while Barbie is getting all the glitz and the glam, the Coach bags and the fancy trenchcoats, poor Ken is wearing a bucket, courtesy Nasir Mazhar… Can’t feel any envy towards the poor plastic guy….

Barbie Ken fashion Nasir Mazhar

Whatever happened to handmedowns from our original wardrobe? Weren’t we the soles designers and stylists in charge of Barbie’s closet pampering? And since when is personalized vintage dolls clothing out of trend? hmmmm… I’d better take care of that envy issue while it’s still mild, and get myself a Coach Barbie for $95, half the price I’d pay for that cute mini messenger bag I have on my Christmas, Easter, Bday and any other occasion wishlist for a while now! On a second thought: wouldn’t it be better if I’d personally crop a skirt and a top for wee Barbie double the sum I’d pay for a Coach Barbie and treat myself with the highly sought-after Coach bag?

Barbie bags Coach 2013

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