New Marilyn Monroe Pictures Have Surfaced. Top That, Lindsay Lohan!

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Every now and then, new and never before released photos of Marilyn somehow surface and make their way to the media. Printed or pixel born, the new images of the blond haired diva keep turning round and round till everyone gets a good look at her once again.

As if all those reenactments of her in various photo shoots for more magazines that I care to remember weren’t enough, Marilyn Monroe keeps haunting the media people. Her beauty seem to perform this magnetic ritual, the world keeping on being perplexed and numbed by her inhuman perfection. Was she, really? Perfect?

Marilyn Monroe smiling taking picture

And maybe because you just don’t seem to have enough of Marilyn and Marilyn lookalikes, Lindsay Lohan will reincarnate the absolute blonde diva once more (remember that distasteful Last Sitting?) in yet another magazine print. This time, however, LiLo was in such a financial distress, she accepted a deal from the ultimate pajama fan – Hugh Hefner! Yes, you’re reading that right, the only way to make Lindsay Lohan look “tasteful” is to Marilyn-ize her! Expect that with your upcoming bunnyzine! Aren’t you the least curious? (the pictures released now were taken by John Vachon for Look Magazine in 1953)

Marilyn Monroe pictures from 1953

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#1 Riana on 11.09.11 at 1:21 pm

Hugh Hefner really gets old but has he still really anything to say when it comes to Playboy? And isn’t this the second time Lindsay is going to try to pull-off a Marilyn Monroe pose?
We know Marilyn wasn’t perfect do we but these are lovely pictures as usual. :)

#2 Ellington on 11.09.11 at 3:10 pm

I love looking at photos of Marilyn Monroe. Her effervescence just jumps out of her images.
She is timeless that way. : )
As for Hefner and Lohan I just wish they would go away.
Actually I wish Hefner would just be quiet and retire and that Lohan would just stop mucking about and get back to being a good actor like they once said she would be.

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