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Changing The World One Image At The Time: Lego, Barbie & More!
Struggling with body image and self esteem is an issue long transgressing our ‘generation’. If our parents and grandparents would rely on image to pioneer... Read More

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The Truth About The Lagerfeld Barbie Doll
Since the news about an upcoming Barbie Karl Lagerfeld was released online, countless social channels started spreading the word and numerous fashion enthusiasts (more or... Read More

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Barbie Fall Wardrobe Designer Update
Girls do love their dolls, don’t they? So it would be slightly unfair to only preoccupy ourselves with our fall wardrobe and ignore our dolls... Read More

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Walking Dead Barbie
Today I read some really disturbing news – there’s a special military corp getting ready for the zombie apocalypse. Fighting tactics, weaponry, you name it!... Read More

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Between Marilyn Monroe And Barbie, Where’s The Beauty Ideal?
Because just the other day we celebrated a half a century from Marilyn Monroe’s sudden, unexpected and still unresolved death, browsing through the interwebs today,... Read More

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Karlie Kloss, The New Barbie (Elie Saab Fall 2012 Ad Campaign)
I think I got it (finally – I may be the last to do that, given my laid back attitude towards fashion). Karlie Kloss, everybody’s... Read More

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Barbie’s Presidential Campaign Outfit By Chris Benz
So Barbie is running for president this year (much like she did in 2008)! And, biensur, she has the right outfit for the job: Chris... Read More

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Hunger Games Katniss Barbie Doll
Picking up on the movie’s success (which movie, you may have heard it by now, was created after the Hunger Games bestselling book, first of... Read More

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