Best Gift For Little Girls This Christmas

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You know I have a serious weak spot for anything and everything Pixar. Actually, when the yearly Pixar project comes out, it’s pretty much a visual Christmas for us. This year’s Brave entered straight in my heart, occupying a precious place, somewhere between Up (my favorite Pixar movie so far) and Monsters Inc. .

Maybe because we too have a girl and three boys and we’d hope for our sweet, precious daughter to be smart, brave and courageous but also compassionate and loving? Possibly. But that’s so personal and I tend to get all emotional and rain tears and typos…

Anyway, if your little girl liked Brave, a Brave doll would be the suitable gift this Holiday Season. But you know what’s even better than a Merida doll? A set! Merida and Queen Elinor, her mother. I’m writing this Disney Store thingie down, on my Christmas gifts list, next to: ‘ideal gift for my little girl’. But that’s me. How about you? What would Santa think it’s best for your kids?

best Christmas gift for little girls Merida Queen Elinor dolls

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