Get Some Diva Tattoos: Marilyn Monroe’s Tattoos, Liz Taylor’s Tattoos

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(imaginary tattoos, that is). Remember Megan Fox and her forearm Marilyn Monroe tattoo? Well, she’s having that removed, true (and in good reason – it looked awful) but how about the actual Marilyn Monroe with tattoos on? Yes, as in Marilyn with a lot of ink on. A lot!

And, while we’re at it, why not imagine Liz Taylor, the impeccably feminine, the definition of a Diva, with many, many tattoos on her immaculate skin? Now look at these images below: how does it make you feel? Australian photo manipulator Jason Hill did an outstanding work when he inked the legendary ladies. It’s really something new and challenging. Puts photoshop disasters to shame, huh?

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

Elizabeth Taylor Tattoos

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