Gen Art Styles 2008 And Botox Project: Sweat Free

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Drawing attention to one of the most embarrassing (so they say) subjects it’s now a social event at New York’s Hammerstein Ballrom.

I haven’t noticed, until now, how unnaturally shy people are about their sweat. Gen Art Styles 2008 show in partnership with Allergan Inc are determined to make a move on the excessive underarm sweating “the prevalence among women and the impact on fashion”.

Karl Lagerfeld with FanAnd that awareness is raised by tucking umbrellas and paper fans into the event sponsor’s bags, trying to impose the fan as a fashion accessory.

Is that one of Kaiser’s hidden masterminded plan or what?

We’re supposed to feel ashamed because we’re humans and our body functions?
Or her Majesty , the Fashion, has no more controversy since size zero?

Sweat Mechanism
(via wwd)

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