Even Lagerfeld’s Cat Has An iPad!

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You know, I’ve been asking Santa for this teeny tiny gadget favor for so long now! And he keep saying it’s too hot in the Summer and he can get down on the chimney to bring it to me. (sad face) Although I instantly reply that he might as well, he has nothing to fear, the chimney isn’t on in the summertime, I’m still not convincing enough to get that iPad once and for all. (sad face. Again).

And then there’s the Kaiser. Who, you may remember, has this sweet little cutie pie kitty called Choupette. And who, just as his almighty stylish master, is particularly fond of iPads. A kitty cat! Playing with an iPad. Santa? Puuuuhleaaaase? (don’t you just miss those times when der Kaiser said he didn’t touched computers and all? today, news don’t circulate: news twitterate!)

Lagerfeld s adorable kitten playing with iPad

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#1 Ellington on 05.11.12 at 9:09 am

Of course he does! This is the Kaiser’s kitty!! : )

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