Lady Gaga By Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld’s Golden iPad

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Remember when Karl Lagerfeld said he has no use for computers and he doesn’t own one? He also said once that he has many computer – like gadgets (like iPads) but he doesn’t use those either.

It would appear, though, that the iPad melted Lagerfeld’s heart as not only he owns a golden iPad but he also uses it! He took pictures of Lady Gaga with his iPad! Real art, as you’ll see below in the short video from a French Television program (Le Grand Journal) where both Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga were invited. Totally chic and geek! Loving it! (and just in case the video disappears, I’ve made some screen shots of the legendary happening! you can click here for the gallery!) (via)

Karl Lagerfeld used iPad to take Lady Gaga picture

Karl Lagerfeld iPad Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga photographed by Karl Karl Lagerfeld photographed Lady Gaga Lady Gaga photo by Lagerfeld

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