Why Is Jessica Biel On The Cover of W Magazine April 2012?

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They call it the Biel Appeal. I call it a dull, next – door – girl kind of cover. But what brings Jessica Biel on the cover of W Magazine’s April 2012 issue? A movie, would be your immediate wild guess. Well no! It’s not a movie! At least not in the following months (Total Recall’s remake is scheduled for summer launch) so that brings us to square one:

Why is Jessica Biel on the cover of a magazine? Well (drum roll, please!) because she got engaged! Isn’t that W – orthy? Gossip reports about her on and off relationship with Justin Timberlake recently put a sparkle on her finger. And, although she’s not really throwing it in W’s interview, the cover line, next to Mikael Jansson‘s photo, spells it loudly: Jessica Biel Bringing Justin… ahem Sexy Back. (more images after the jump!)

Jessica Biel W Magazine April 2012 cover

So, my daahling fashion lovers, if you’ll notice a particularly famous model (as in a model who is someone’s famous girlfriend / fiancée / wife) who’s pregnant or engaged, then and only then, should you expect her to be on a fashion magazine cover! Word!

Jessica Biel W Magazine April 2012

Jessica Biel W Magazine by Jansson


#1 Riana on 03.17.12 at 10:49 am

Total Recall remake? Why? And why this cover indeed. Nice looking girl but not a persona really.

#2 keiKo on 03.17.12 at 4:54 pm

I like Jessica Biel – she does seem very nice & the cover is nice – maybe a bit boring. I too wonder why with the Total Recall remake but Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is going to be the baddie so that piques my interest – alot.

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