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Justin Timberlake Style Evolution: Suit&Tie Collection With Tom Ford
Making music part of a weekend-inspiration day is as natural as breathing, so please join me in discussing the latest style becomings of young Mr... Read More

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Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie: Tom Ford
You may have heard that Justin Timberlake is bringing Sexy Back. Oh, that song has become such a big part of the media / urban... Read More

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Here’s Jessica Biel’s Giambattista Valli Pink Wedding Dress!
We’ve heard it last year but we couldn’t actually believe it: white wedding dresses are so yesterday! Remember Vera Wang and her famous black catwalk... Read More

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Congrats To Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake For Their Italian Wedding!
While everyone was whispering something about a sporty wedding ceremony at some fancy skiing resort somewhere (I was already imagining Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake... Read More

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Jessica Biel Wedding To Justin Timberlake In Yellowstone, Montana, This Month
What was I saying yesterday? That Jessica Biel should marry Justin Timberlake so she could get over the bridal wardrobe? Well, it seems that we... Read More

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Watch Justin Timberlake Talking About Home Mint
The kind of artsy home décor accents that’ll make your bank account shiver and cry a river, Home Mint as designed and / or curated... Read More

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Justin Timberlake In Your Home! Home Mint By Justin Timberlake
It was about time to bring that sexy back! In your home! That sounds soooo cliché! But so true! JT, ladies, the Justin Timberlake is... Read More

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Famous Stylish Men Love Thick Nerdy Black Rimmed Eyeglasses! You Should Too!
Okay, not just men, but I’ll just keep it manly for these festivities… Because Men of Style was suggested by our Birthday Girl (wink). We... Read More

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