Why Is Sienna Miller On The Cover Of UK Vogue April 2012?

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Sienna Miller Vogue UK April 2012 cover It’s a rhetorical question, biensur, given that Vogue UK seems determined to be at the same fashion level as the Daily Fail.

Last month’s Lana Del Rey feature must have been a mistake, a gossip maneuver since Lana was pretty much everyone’s favorite controversy two or three weeks ago.
Having Sienna Miller on the cover of Vogue UK April 2012 is unjustified and uncalled for during the Fashion Week season!

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#1 ana on 03.05.12 at 9:19 am

Among the wannabes she is the worst stylished. She has a very pretty face but if you want to be a serious actor you need more than that.. and less spotlight from your relationships.

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