Congrats To Felicity Huffman And Husband William H Macy For Their Stars

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I know we don’t usually talk about things like that (unless they come with a McQueen label – wink), but this a good picture to kick – start a new week: the funny couple Felicity Huffman and husband William H. Macy just received their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalks. Congrats are in order! Now, can you beat William H. Macy’s Shameless (wink) fashion pose on that one? (more images from the ceremony here)

Felicity Huffman William H Macy Hollywood stars


#1 Riana on 03.12.12 at 10:35 am

I like this couple a lot. So normal for a celeb couple. He’s such a fine actor, she’s a good actress and I hope she get’s good parts after Desperate Housewives.

(Tonight the last series of the series starts here in the Netherlands. I kept on watching though and used the FFW often after season three. Felicity as Lynette was my fave character in the first series. I didn’t like how her character evolved. Let’s see how it’s end.)

#2 Ellington on 03.12.12 at 1:27 pm

They are a wonderful couple and i love their work as actors! : )

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