Ombre (Gradient) Nails, The New It Manicure

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As a self confessed French girl (I’m talking manicure, biensur!), I was really alarmed when I stumbled upon this really short piece of news saying that Ombre Manicure was the new French Manicure! When did that happen? Who’s to say that? Does this mean I’ll have to ditch my trademark immaculate white tips for something else? What else? What is this? Noooo! Paaanic!

So I pulled myself together, did some research and this was my conclusion: Ombre is the new must! Anything you have is better in ombre! New fabulous hairdo? Biensur, it’s ombre! New gorgeous dress? Of course, it’s ombre! The curtains you found and stole your heart? Ombre aussi! The new must try cake? You guessed it right – ombre toujours!

So my daahlings, we have to ombre! Now let’s hit the jump for a closer inspection of Gradient nails! And anything else gradient!

Hottest trends Ombre

I’m beginning to understand now – so gradient manicure can be obtain by either sponge or drop technique. What is which? Basically, you start by doing the same thing for both: applying your first coat. Which can be either mat color or your usual French base, it’s really up to you. Now, after it dries up, you can choose between the sponge or the other.

blue gradient nails

For the sponge – you can use your kitchen sponge if you have no makeup sponge at hand – damp it with a radically different (or not so much) color than what you already have put on your nail and tap lightly the tips of your nails (you can go as further up your nail as you wish). Let it dry, clean your fingers with nail polish remover if you’ve touched them with the colored sponge and now, for ze final touch – a heavy load of transparent top coat to seal the Gradient deal. Tadaaaam!

teal gradient nails glitter ombre manicure

For ze other ombre thing – it’s a bit trickier than the sponge technique. I think: so after you dried out your color base, it’s time to drop a heavy load of clear top coat onto your nail. Know that you’ll be doing one nail at the time, so don’t hurry into emptying all the clear top coat bottle. So now that you poured a ton of clear coat on your nail, pick the other color you want to work for the gradient (usually a darker, very contrasting hue to what you chose as base). Drop a few drops on the clear coat (which hasn’t dried yet – that is essential and the very reason you’re doing one nail at the time!). Now it should work into the clear polish like watercolors when you were a child. Remember? Let it dry, that’s all it takes (now you can try a second nail if you don’t find it too difficult).

catwalk manicure

I don’t know about you, but Ima keep my French on, if you don’t mind! All that sponge / heavy drop thing has me head all spinning! I’m a simple girl and I like simple things. Nails. Well. You get it. Don’t you? (this short investigation wouldn’t have been possible without help from: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

must wear ombre nails

Ombre manicure

Zoe Saldana Ombre dress Versace gradient dress

Jessica Biel Cameron Diaz Lauren Conrad gradient hair

amazing Ombre Cake

gradient ombre flower arrangements ombre lips

gradient boots ombre curtains

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