Drew Barrymore’s Hair Goes Back To Ombre. Should We Ombre Hair Too?

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Longtime considered a proof of deteriorated hair, lighter colored hair ends is now living a high fashion moment. It’s been happening for a year now and I kept my eyes closed to this two toned haircolor. Firstly because I stubbornly refuse to dye my hair and secondly because, as previously said, hair that is darker towards the roots and lighter towards the ends always indicated bad hair in desperate need of trimming.

However, sometimes fashion picks on all the wrong things to become a trend (remember all that fetish thing going on, all the underwear worn as proper clothing to name just two wrongs made right by fashion standards). Which brings me to…Drew Barrymore, one of my favorite actresses.

She has this amazingly cute smile I can’t do otherwise but smile back at her (/picture). Earlier this year, Drew had dyed her hair red. Red – ish. And we love redhaired beauties around here (wink). Now Drew just got back to her brown – to dark – blond two toned ombré haircolor (she used to sport this before – see after the jump – she even went for a black tips do once!). Should we follow?

Drew Barrymore new hairstyle old hairstyle

Drew Barrymore ombre hair

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#1 Ellington on 11.08.11 at 4:48 pm

One should follow only if it suits.
I also like Drew Barrymore she is really nifty! : )

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