The New French Couture Manicure YSL Fall Winter 2010 Nail Polish Collection

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A while back I told you about my secrets to a perfect (French) Manicure. I’m sold to that and can’t have my nails wear anything else but a pale rose, the same I put on when I do my French. (well, if you must – it’s OPI – Hearts & Tarts).

I did tried some wild things on my nails, when I was experimenting with different styles. I even had flames – black flames on fire red nails. That was my wildest diy manicure (now if you look at what they’re now calling extreme manicures, my “wild experiment” sounds like a cherry pie). Now let me tell you a bit about the new nail polish from the Yves Saint Laurent Couture Manicure Collection! (hit the jump to find out more!)

Karlie Kloss YSL beauty fall 2010 collection ad campaign

If you’re a French fan like me (and a YSL Touche Eclat addicted), or just a classic devotee, the Y-Cone (with pearl pink and glossy white) will make your heart sing. However, looking at the pairings from the new Manicure Couture mini-collection, I’d be interested to try them all on. Especially the Belle de Nuit (plum with gold) and No 2 Rive Gauche (cherry pink and tangerine). You can find the duo of your choice at $30 – which one would you choose? (speaking of nail polish – I tried so many nail polishes from high and low, from Chanel to L’Oreal and stuck with OPI – what’s your favorite?) (YSL via)

YSL french couture manicure Y Cone fall 2010 collection

YSL french couture manicure fall 2010 collection

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#1 Lemon on 08.29.10 at 7:41 am

I bought the pink one few weeks ago, because the old fashioned pink tone just caught my heart right from the first sight. But if you apply the nail polish, it takes quit a loooooooooong time till it’s dry. Plus that I had to aply 3 layers till it looks good. So the whole manicure takes approximately 30min. For people like me, who is not that patient, it could be not much fun. But eventhough, nice colour!

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