Nicole Kidman as Marilyn Monroe for Harper’s Bazaar Anniversary Issue

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Harper’s Bazaar Australia celebrated their 10th anniversary with a “Some Like it Hot” photo shoot with Nicole Kidman.

Now some like Nicole. I have to be honest about it and say I don’t. She’s cold and inexpressive and these photos don’t show anything less than that (at least she doesn’t get to wear her own clothes to terrify us with her taste!). I don’t judge the woman behind the actress, I only express my opinion after watching her playing part after part without changing her expression.

Nicole Kidman on the Cover of Australian Harper’s Bazaar
Nicole Kidman for Australian Harper’s Bazaar
What do you think? She’s a good impersonator of Marilyn Monroe? Or looking like her usual ice-queen self? Don’t forget to cast your vote after the pictures!

Nicole Kidman for Australian Harper’s Bazaar Photo Shoot
Nicole Kidman for Harper’s Bazaar
Pictures of Nicole Kidman for Australian Harper’s Bazaar
Nicole Kidman Some Like it Hot in Harper’s Bazaar
Nicole Kidman in Harpers Bazaar March Issue

What do you think about Nicole Kidman's Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot?

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#1 Amy on 02.09.08 at 1:25 pm

She’s trying too hard to be sexy & it makes her look completely unsexy. What is it with her magazine covers lately? The Vanity Fair photo with her holding her shirt open to reveal her bra. This one with her posing as a trashy Monroe wanna be. Why is she aiming towards the sexpot angle? It just makes her look desperate. Why can’t she do something that she’ll be able to proudly show her kids when their older?

#2 kpriss on 02.09.08 at 2:33 pm

I guess it’s a question of age. The latest film I saw with her was The Invasion. How it wasn’t much of a film (despite Daniel Craig’s participation in a leading role), I spent it all watching how she was getting a different make up or hair do for every scene, sometimes several times/scene. Especially how she abused a certain lip balm that enhances lips in volume.

So it’s not only the magazine covers she uses to feel sexy. She has starter a proper “invasion” of Kidman seduction.

#3 Antoine on 02.09.08 at 2:50 pm

Nicole Kidman is a haughty,mesmerizing, long-limbed “Timeless Beauty” , but not a “Vintage Pin-up” like the “mythical” Marylin, with her sensual and somptuous curves. . .
The Pictures aren’t very Original, but even a little boring . . .

Cordially, Antoine

#4 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.09.08 at 4:10 pm

First I thought ‘Oh well, another one trying to pull a ‘Marilyn’ (I forgot to count after Christina, Kylie, Gwen, Scarlett, Charlize (another Oscar winner like Nicole), and all the many many Hollywood divas, rock stars etc. were trying the Marilyn shtick…what is so sad about it it, that NONE of the Madonna in the Marilyn Monroe phase zillionairs were doing a damn thing for Marilyn Monroe’s legacy.
I have been fighting for it for the last two years and we have shut up a long list of criminals who claimed to be even Marilyn’s daughter, friend, best friend (‘Mrs. Munchhausen’ Jeanne Carmen) and people who turned Marilyn Monroe into a running gag, a season joke.
Nothing against Ms Kidman, I met her during a screening and she has ‘it’ but she is definetely no Marilyn. She got her Oscar, but she also got too much Botox. The wig she is wearing looks like it was fallen off her head during a Halloween night out in West Hollywood…not quite Marilyn at all. Sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nicole, especially in ‘The Others,’ etc. but the last image looks as if you put an Olympic sprinter or high jump winner into a sassy dress–the legs are bended like Beckham, and we all remember her wonderful ode to Marilyn in ‘Moulin Rouge’ and her oh so breathtaking Channel No 5 commercial.
We do love you Nicole, but you are no Marilyn.
Marilyn Monroe will forever be unique and super special, and ‘The American Movie Legend & Icon’ especially when Hollywood has stopped existing.
People in thousands of years will be familiar with the Mona Lisa, Boticelli’s ‘Venus’ and absolutely Marilyn Monroe–but I am afraid that nobody will have the slightest clue who ‘NKU’ was. I figured this stands for Nicole Kidman Urban…funny.
So, press, stars, starlets, Oscar winning Hollywood reigning Kings and Queens: PLEASE grant some respect to the most copied — yet also most trampled and disrespected Hollywood actress: Marilyn Monroe.

You will never succeed to scare the legend loving future generations.
Ask Dakota Fanning’s lil sis Elle–she is an almost 10 year old Marilyn addict and she shows respect.
If you super busy and constantly promoting your own legacy wannabe Marilyns do not know what it means–the word respect, please look it up on Wikipedia.

#5 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.10.08 at 12:10 am

Plus: In my humble opinion (and I hope we still have the true freedom of speech law going here–Ms Kidman is a closet lesbian.
The struggle with her ex, the adoptions, instead of the self producing Cruise machinery of little Scientologists who can make things move by just looking at them…
Hollywood is now run by the gay and lesbian power, or how some refer to also as ‘velvet mafia’ etc., Jodie Foster, Helen Hunt, Ellen, Rosie, Penelope Cruiz (funny ‘coincidence’ that the Spanish woman lover was actually
‘dating’ Nicole’s ex, the man who loves to jump on Oprah’s couch, well, Oprah–yeah, the rumors are not only rumors in my opinion. She is hard to imagine in the strong arms of a male–but there is nothing wrong with it. What wrong is, that people like John Travolta act as if they were butch and ‘straight’ but then the yellow press catches them, shows pictures of Travolta French kissing a ‘friend’ um, yeah. That’s right, straight guys do that now–and they ALWAYS hold their ‘wifes’ hands during interview, despite that normal couples don’t do that after let’s say–a year?
The Hollywood BS machinery is running itself into the ground. Young actresses who have eating disorders and aren’t allowed to live a normal life–young promising actors who fear age and baldness like nothing else and who suffer of insomnia–mix their ‘prescription drugs’ into a deadly cocktail of death…and of course people will just claim that these stars have accidentally killed themselves–yet they forgot how glorified early death has become–yes–in HOLLYWOOD.
I said: ‘Hollywood is making hisory–life after life, death after death,’ right after the 25 year old Brad Renfro died, and not knowing that the 28 year old Heath Ledger was next. A fellow Australian colleague of Nicole Kidman, and pardon me if I do not find the right words, but I am still shocked about the early passing of a young soul who reminded me of the life and death of Jim Morrison, even by his age, looks etc.
When I look at Ms Kidman I cannot help myself in getting this feeling that she will never be happy–with anything.
She got an Academy Award, she got gazillions, she has real estate and possibly own half of Australia. What does she want?
We all want that and hardly anyone will ever realize what REAL LOVE is.
Love is not injectionable like collagen, it is not growable like hair.
The difference of Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman? Marilyn was not a full fletched lesbian, she was just looking for love and slept with her acting coach Natasha Lytess, because that is how it was.
They lived in one apartment and Natasha was the jealous dragon, Marilyn was the lipstick lesbian in that relationship.
But: Marilyn was bisexuell. She was–as always her time ahead for so many decades.
This is 2008, people–wake up!
We are about to have big changes–hopefully a President of color or a first time female President (rumor has it that even Hilary is familiar with that Greek Island called Lesbos….), well, why do you think Bill had to have ‘special Monique service’? Oh he lied to us and he was caught–big deal, it is just the President who lied, so he is forgiven…not really in my books, people.
Gay marriage might never be legal in this country–when entertainer after Hollywood star is living in the closet, like Queen bees.
What this country needs is change–freedom of speech must be re-discovered and the TRUTH must be appreciated like American Idol and those three Judges who are drunk, annoying and arrogant.
Britney Spears should NEVER be compared by anybody to Marilyn Monroe–because by the time Marilyn was Britney’s age, Marilyn was able to look at a full movie career, several finished movies, fame and fortune.
The difference between Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman?

Marilyn never cared for money and power–yet Nicole seems to live for just that only.
What can you give someone like Nicole, someone who has everything and more and yet this person still does not seem happy?
I don’t know–maybe a big bike? Like a Harley?
You know, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and when I stroll back up and look deeply into Nicole’s beautiful blue (photoshopped) eyes, I can see immediately.
She is not happy.
Again, that is just my opinion and I hope we are still allowed to say what we feel and think…or not?!

#6 Linda on 02.10.08 at 4:27 am

Yikes! She’s definitely no Marilyn Monroe. Honestly I don’t know why these actresses can’t just her legacy as is. You can’t replace a legacy, so what’s the point?

#7 Chuck U Farelly on 02.10.08 at 3:23 pm

Scarry!!!! Very very scary.I doubt i’ll be able to sleep tonight.I mean realy John Mayer Dressed up like Marilyn.Well I woulden’t put it past him.
I was glad to see nichole in the “Golden Compass” as she played a role more sporting her true self.Yes! She is blinded by money and power.She will do just about anything for a buck…Just like John Mayer.

#8 Adriana Josina on 02.10.08 at 5:15 pm

What a fuzz! The whole movie/fashion/music business is blinded by money and power. It isn’t even separable anymore……..So why so harsh on Nicole?

#9 margie on 02.11.08 at 9:41 am

You people go to deep!! Heck, I think she looks stunning! You have Marilyn Monroe too high on a pedestal! Nicole is not perfect, neither was Marilyn! It’s just a photograph people….lighten up! She’s human just like the rest of us….we all love money! Nicole seems to have a lot more class and brains than Marilyn ever had!

#10 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.11.08 at 11:59 am

margie = Nicole Kidman? lol

#11 Chantal on 02.11.08 at 1:48 pm

I never liked Nicole. She was getting married to this Scientologist Tom Cruise and that is how her career took off. She was colder than a dead fish on ice. Some years back at the Oscars, I remember she wore a green gown and looked super hungry, skinny and absolutely unhappy and sad. Now Katie is thinking to go the Nicole way. No way will this Australian ever be as legendary as Marilyn is now. Maybe she is already too old for that anyhow.

#12 Adriana Josina on 02.11.08 at 2:40 pm

margie, well said! And lets not forget that the photographer gave her orders how to pose and did the photoshop afterwards.

I remember that green gown too. In my memory she did look gorgeous. It was at an Oscar ceremony I believe?

Would you look happy and cheerful when your marriage doesn’t work because you don’t want to be brainwashed by Scientolists? I won’t.

An ice-queen? No one has apparantly seeing her in her great parts……

#13 Adriana Josina on 02.11.08 at 2:49 pm

P.S. to Mark Bellinghaus: Quote: “Marilyn never cared for money and power–yet Nicole seems to live for just that only.” Stars couldn’t demand that ammount of money they do earn these days. Which I find ridiculous high by the way. But Marilyn did care about power, she did pay for it with her life.
And about Lesbos? The name has nothing to do with “being gay”. Be a bit more better informed.

#14 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.15.08 at 2:31 pm

***… (kpriss edit) who have followed me to every possible and impossible website just to attack me, to slander me and to try to discredit my huge success against the fraud selling criminals which are still being hidden, covered and supported by those wicked Marilyn Monroe fan club ‘Presidents’ who are living of selling Marilyn Monroe as a sick joke to the public.
I kid you not, Kidman fans!

#15 kpriss on 02.15.08 at 3:50 pm

@Mark Bellinhaus: I tend to look at information as vital, so I keep myself informed the best way I can, thus I looked into your name/history via Internet and I understood your passion. However I was forced to unapprove your last two comments here because it was all getting out of point, this being a style/fashion oriented site.

Please understand that the person you’re referring to is a well-known and respected reader on this site (you can easily see she’s involved in many other subjects, not only this one), long before this article hit you as a possible threat.

I value the information you brought in your previous posts and the contribution to this article, but I’d very much like you to stick to the general outline of – lifestyle and fashion.
Thank you for your understanding


#16 Mark Bellinghaus on 02.15.08 at 5:26 pm

Thank you K, totally understand. Sorry to have been taken away. But how would you feel, if you have any time to think about this instead of Nicole Kidman’s hair style and career, how would anybody feel, being attacked via the Internet, by a group of haters who have been caught so many times and who will be charged for their crimes, for sure.
I go to a site, and I leave my comment, I do not hide behind a stupid moniker and bang–they are there–the haters like Jill A., HHH, and a sick man who I have gotten officially restrained in court.
Watch ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ because then you get the idea what I have been facing. I published my comments which you have withheld (understandably) and I will not post again.
I know, for some people fashion/style is more important than the exposure of a vicious group who character assassinate a man who exposed super crimes.
Is it fashion and style to you, that eBay is supporting criminals who sell rings claimed to be from Heath Ledger and then we catch this criminal and now he is on his way to jail!
Is that enough gossip for you or is that going ‘too far’?

Why is it, that you people are hiding your full name?
You can say anything you want–how do I have the chance to check on your claims?

You could state that you are the Pope, posting his fav gossip blog–how could I tell you are not the Pope or some other fruitcake?

Know what I mean?

Here is my link to the comments that you did not published.
Cheers no tears and I’m out.

Bye ;O)

#17 Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe for The Last Sitting — StyleFrizz on 02.18.08 at 9:50 am

[…] What do you say? are these pictures meant to show something else than a failed “Last Sitting? with a fail-to-look-alike-Marilyn? Or it’s just another one of those Marilyn-like photo-shoot? […]

#18 Selima on 04.15.08 at 1:09 pm

It is absurd to bring up Marilyn Monroe these days- Marilyn belongs to the gilded past, a phase in Hollywood that was mythical and magical. It makes no sense to insult Nicole Kidman, who is a fine modern actress, just because she’s posing as Monroe. Clearly, she hasn’t the faintest charm in comparison to one of the goddesses of cinema, who sadly lead a tragic life. She paid with her life for the enigma that has been bestowed upon us and will hopefully forever reign supreme in Hollywood. I think Kidman is not at all sexy, although she is obviously beautiful in that unattainable and perhaps unrealistic way, that is to say, she’s probably much uglier in real life, and these photos do look a bit awkward. She was miscast but hey, who cares…most celebrities these days are not nearly as interesting or magnetic. In fact, actors have become uninteresting as has everyone else. The World is just uglier these days and lacks magic and charm. So, let them all pose as Monroe. Their failure to capture her magnetism only exposes the modern world’s utter bleakness and reveres the past. Thank god for the restoration project in Hollywood- it is all we have left of cinema since films these days are rubbish and run-of-the-mill.

#19 Selima on 04.15.08 at 1:12 pm

Kidman is one of the finest actresses working these days, at least one of the finest famous ones. I think she’s magnificent in cold, dramatic, dark films and even some black comedies such as Margot at the wedding.

#20 Eleanor!! on 09.22.08 at 12:44 pm

Will u people leave the woman alone!!!! I tink she s gr8!!! My idol!!!! Go Nicole!!!!!! xxx

#21 Marcus on 10.19.08 at 7:24 pm

Please…nothing similar to marilyn shoot….are you guys blind? The only similar thing was blonde and certain lighting! Sheesh……grow up fellas! Whatever you fellas like to call Nicole kidman, dats your priority but dun forget…she get’s to stay in a beautiful home, beautiful and an oscar!!!!

#22 Aleksa Novakov on 04.03.09 at 3:40 am

She looks great as always!She really looks like Marilyn.
And all of you jelaous people,if you dont like her,don’t watch her movies and don’t leave evil comments. Don’t spend your jelaousy all around! Keep your bitternes for your egoistic little own!!!

#23 Mary on 09.10.10 at 5:24 pm

Okay, listen.. there is a reason that these don’t look like Marilyn’s photoshoots. Nicole lacks her charm because Marilyn had that something special, not just charm but an inner glow and joy that showed through on film and in photos. Nicole is talented in her own right but her and Marilyn are quite different both in appearance and attitude. I have nothing against Nicole in fact she is quite a good actress especially in a handful of movies. She is beautiful but once again its a different beauty; Nicole has an aloof, long-legged, model elegance while Marilyn has a cute, fun, sassy and sexy with a touch more Hollywood glamour.

Oh and about the comment on Lesbos actually it does relate to the origins of the word Lesbians. It was the Isle of Women, the fact is Greeks didn’t distinguish themselves as straight, bi, or gay, they were se*ual beings. The women on Lesbos were sensual and intimately involved with one another but it wasn’t all that, they wrote poetry (some of the oldest to survive) and played songs for each other. It was more about love and sensuality than one big or*y. Take a class on the subject, its more informative than most websites.

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