Cheryl Cole’s InStyle UK December 2011. Who Wants A Sad Cover For December?

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I know Cheryl Cole is big in your hearts and that is specifically why I’m writing about it: Cheryl Cole is on the cover of InStyle magazine, the UK Edition of the December 2011 issue.

Now I may be looking a things from a superficial perspective, after all, I am judging a book by its cover – but who wants a sad face on a December magazine? And no, don’t try to say she’s piercing and that she has a deep expression – Cheryl Cole would really use a smile on the cover of InStyle! It is her first interview since stepping down from the XFactor (or being fired, as some say it), but it’s no reason to get all sad in a fashion magazine, is it?

Cheryl Cole InStyle UK December 2011 cover

Cheryl Cole InStyle UK December 2011

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