Did You Know About MAC’s Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Collection?

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I just found out and I’m really excited! I think that, in spite of my aversion for anything other than Lancome mascara and YSL Illuminator (and a Clinique eyebrows crayon), I might consider a thing or two from this new M.A.C. collection!

After all, it’s Marilyn! I’m sure she would’ve signed a collaboration for a MAC Marilyn Makeup Collection if she would still be around! There’s a bit for every kind of glamour girl in you, but I think I’ll be settling for Brow Finisher, the false eyelashes and maybe the black liner. All ready to hit stores this October!

MAC Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection

I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup, so don’t be surprised to see that my makeup bag is half empty (wink). So what do you think, girls? Just because it has Marilyn’s photo on it, does that make it a better, more effective makeup product?

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