Welcome To Diesel Island Summer 2011 Campaign

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Remember Diesel’s last ad campaign? It runs (yes, it’s still happening) under the title “Be stupid” and calls for all the less minded actions in the world in the name of Diesel. I know – pretty fashion, right?

For 2011, however, they moved up a notch and went for a Lost – like theme (since Lost is no more, Lost nostalgics will surely go out get their Diesel fix just for ol’ time island sake) and invited the Diesel Island with the subtitle “The least effed up country in the world. But give us time.”. The ad was created by the Santo agency and will go viral in magazines, outdoor, viral games, videos and Facebook apps.

Also – Forget Lost – how about Treasure Island? I’m looking forward for Diesel’s Farmville next! (via)

Diesel Island 2011 ad campaign

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