Karl Lagerfeld Designs Another Coca Cola Light Bottle

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If you were expecting something more catwalk appropriate from Der Kaiser, here’s today’s news to tell you that you’ll have to wait longer. Karl Lagerfeld may be feeling the financial pressures of today’s economy or he’s simply bored out of his talented minds because he signed another deal with Coca Cola.

Yes, yes, rejoice, there will be another Coca Cola Light bottle designed by the great Karl Lagerfeld! No details about the design are available for the moment, even though they say the bottles will be graphic – let’s face it – there isn’t that much he can change about a Diet Coke bottle, is there? Skirt it, suit it, but it’s still the same shape with the same fonts. Will Lagerfeld’s bottle design convince you to buy Coca Cola Light?

Also – given that the original news was referring to Coca Cola Light and not Diet Coke, does that mean that the Kaiser’s designs will not be available in the States? (via; photo via)

Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola light window

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