Josh Holloway, The Lost Sawyer’s Men’s Health June 2010

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It’s been quite some time since our last Man of Style. Since you haven’t made a specific request, I’m taking the liberty to bring you someone we treasure in our household. Yeah, you know we do everything together here so we watched Lost together and my husband was totally hooked on Josh Holloway’s character – Sawyer.

Covering June’s 2010 Men’s Health is our very own Lost Josh Holloway. Wearing that same Sawyer haircut and flexing his muscles so every man out there take note. (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Josh Holloway Lost Sawyer Men s Health June 2010 cover

Now I’ll tell you the truth – I was once dreaming (aka obsessing) about movies/TV series characters but not anymore. Not since my husband. It’s all gone now. I like my characters to stay on screen and such is the case for Sawyer. I’d like to keep that image of Josh Holloway. Sawyer was cut for him and he was totally into it. I could, of course, go on about Lost and its oh-so-controversial ending. Which I won’t unless you’re with me. So what’ll be? More about Josh Holloway? More about Lost and how they wrapped it up? More Men of Style? You choose! (via)

Josh Holloway Lost Sawyer Men s Health June 2010

Josh Holloway Lost Men s Health June 2010

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he is HOT!!!

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