Karl Lagerfeld’s Coca Cola Ads Starring Coco Rocha, Baptiste Giabiconi

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We were already used to seeing Baptiste Giabiconi’s de-personalized self impersonating Karl Lagerfeld. Were we ready to see Coco Rocha as Karl Lagerfeld?

Because Karl doesn’t have much to do lately with Fashion Weeks all wrapped up, he helped launching (not a better version but definitely a more expensive one) a new Coca Cola Light. With his silhouette on. Colette’s exclusive box is already available and the new ads are here for our eyes to see. (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Coco Rocha Baptiste Giabiconi Coca Cola Light ad

Baptiste as the servant makes a world of sense while Coco as Lagerfeld may be a bit strange. Coco herself shared secrets from Karl’s shoot:

Karl designed the bottle with his iconic silhouette on the side and then dressed me as the femme version of him. I remember at one point in the shoot Karl didn’t think I had on the right accessories so he stopped the shoot and headed home to bring me a pair of his own gloves and then took off his tie pin and rings for me to wear!

Coco Rocha Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola Light ad

Coca Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld

Coca Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld gift box


#1 Ellington on 04.11.10 at 4:52 pm

Nifty bottle and ad. I like it!
Coco Rocha looks cute! :)
I don’t drink diet anything they taste horrid. I would collect this one but we all know that the Kaiser would sooner be dead than have his image on a full fat regular coke bottle. ;)

#2 Rob Schneider rules on 04.11.10 at 6:19 pm

Creepy – very creepy. I like Karl as a person – I really enjoyed watching Lagerfeld Confidential and he seems a thoughtful, honest guy – but his ponytailed silhouette on a coke bottle is not appetizing to me! Eeek!

#3 Michelle Olavides on 04.19.12 at 8:06 am

AWESOME!……as you look at it,it’s so yummy and refreshing!..very unique design of the bottle..

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