Heidi Klum Loves Her UGG By Jimmy Choo Boots

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We love and treasure our celebs tastes and choices of clothing and accessories, don’t we? So naturally, it feels great to see one of them wearing something only one of us would. Like UGG boots for instance! They look rather unfashionable but unquestionably comfy and warm, however, UGG boots were adopted by everyone and their dog. Just like Crocs. (if I had someone tailing me doing my school run, I may have been spotted wearing them crocs for few times. Shhht! Don’t tell the fashion brigade!)

Who’s the one person you’d least expect him / her to wear crocs / ugg boots? (besides Anna Wintour, biensur) One of those persons was, to me, Heidi Klum. And still, here she is, gloriously walking around in her UGG boots. Sure, UGG by Jimmy Choo, but UGG nevertheless. Yes, so what if they’re $795? Have you never seen black sheep with metal studs before? Neither have I, they must be so rare! (right after the jump you’ll see who’s the face of the UGG & Jimmy Choo Collection. Curious? Amber Valletta!) (via 1)

Heidi Klum UGG Jimmy Choo boots

Amber Valletta UGG Jimmy Choo Boots

ugg jimmy choo 1

ugg jimmy choo 2


#1 Agingerella on 12.13.10 at 8:50 am

LOL! I’ve the feeling the UGG has become more popular than ever despite the fashion brigade anti statements. Last year even I bought a pair too. Got flat on my booty in the snow which left me with a bruised foot. Never, ever wear UGGs in the snow people. So I’m wearing them right now as the most expensive but oh, so cosy and warm home slippers ever. :D

Oh, which celeb we shall never ever caught in UGGs? Dita von Teese is the first that comes to mind. I drop dead if she’s been caught. Heidi wearing this super ugly Jimmy Choo UGGs doesn’t surprise me really. I’m not bitching, I like her, she can wear what she likes. I don’t care about the fashion police. I’m a rebel at heart. :)

#2 Kellykat on 12.13.10 at 12:48 pm

In Australia – Ugg boots are slippers. So if you leave the house & are seen in public it means you have no class! Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman would make the ultimate faux pas if seen in a pair of uggs.

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