How To Tell A Real UGG From A Fake UGG?

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The UGG time of the year has arrived. And even if I do not approve of it, the Ugg boot will definitely be a part of this season’s most worn boots. Might as well know your real Ugg from your fake one, right?

You have to check out the height of the so-called Ugg boot: the original UGG Australia boots come in short and tall versions. Anything in-between is not an UGG Australia. The original UGG logo has the trademark symbol on the label and also there are no additional tags on the sides of the boots. The Skin of the original UGG Australia boots is a one piece sheepskin. Any other multi pieced, suede, fleece, cowhide isn’t an UGG. The real UGG Australia boots are made in China so when you find an Ugg with “Made in Australia” on, it’s not a real Deckers UGG. The original UGG runs a size larger. The Original Ugg Sole is a one piece, flexible, logo embossed sole. Anything different is not a real UGG. Now you’re ready to go Ugg Hunting! (and do find some time to read the WSJ piece on UGG boots. I would have never known the difference between UGG and uggs if it wasn’t for this article!) (via)

Colored UGG boots

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