Exquisite Nail Jewelry

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Whenever I think about nails jewelry, I imagine either those teeny tiny crystals glued on the index’s nail (which will, eventually, tragically fall off leaving a disgraceful glue print in place) or that creative multitude of jewelry hanging from one of the nails through a pre-made hole (which will, eventually, tragically tear your nail).

Now this, this is a gorgeous piece of nails jewelry. I regret not having the exact name for it, or its maker (that’s the way of internet – the road to the source is cut short by ways of professionalism. Not). Anyone knows how it’s called and how it’s installed / kept in place? It really looks great, doesn’t it?

Exquisite nail jewelry

As doing one’s nails sometimes demands serious skills, a lot of time and patience, jewelry additions, on the other side, are much more glamorous than the usual nail polish and really catchier when worn on the nails.

glamorous nails jewelry

this look can be created even on the natural nails using just a couple of appliques like these

There are as many options as demands may be. From Goth-glam jewelry that can easily turn your nails into claws, to really delicate appliqués one can only look at and admire the catching beauty. Usually applied in conjunction with artificial nails as they offer more support and they’re harder to break than natural nails, the jewelry can also be found as a self-standing item, wrapping around the finger all the way up, covering the nail.

impressive nails jewelry

claws nails jewelry

jewelry in the shape of claws can be also worn over the natural nails (can be purchased here)

black nails jewelry

Can be worn as part of a specialty show (nail exhibition, training), a part of a costume: be it for Halloween or acting purposes, or simply for a very special occasion. Be careful about choosing the jewelry and also about the nail technician performing the pose. Both the source and the beauty salon have to be trusted and verified.

special nails jewelry wrapped around the nail

another piece of jewelry that can be worn directly over the natural nail (available here)

really delicate nails jewelry

special jewelry appliques can be glued on either a natural nail or an artificial one (available here)

nails jewelry bohem blognailedit

fabulous jewelry for nails from Bohem as showcased by Katy from Blognailedit

However, as technology is always trying to keep a step ahead of the tradition, there are other ways to embellish one’s nail! With 3D prints! Revolutionizing each and every aspect of our lives, molding computer drawings into reality via 3D printers is more real than ever! The models included here were imagined and created by The Laser Girls.

laser print long nails the laser girls

Designer Sophie Kahn and Lucas Goossens started out their laser beauty enterprise and I’m certain that it would catch up with the audience. The possibilities are endless, only bound by one’s imagination: just think the kind of nails Katy Perry would be able to show off from now on! Or Miss Osbourne! Or my absolute favorite: Zooey Deschanel!

3D printed nails the laser girls


#1 Gwizz on 01.24.12 at 2:51 pm

Im also trying to source this, its gorgeous!

#2 eLise on 03.15.12 at 10:49 am

has anyone found the source of this piece yet? it is stunning.

#3 Sam on 03.27.12 at 5:00 pm

it’s from a Japanese called Tasaki

#4 Gwizz on 03.31.12 at 12:30 pm


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