Ashley And Mary Kate Olsen Sunglasses Collection With Absolute Black Design

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It’s one of my firmest convictions (at least regarding the celebs-related anything) – if you made a name for yourself, there’s nothing stopping you from branding it! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the living (double) example of how to make a living off of your name.

Even if they have a stylist employed for official events, the twins have a fashion industry on their hands as they’re coming out with yet more products to solidify their trendsetters status in the eyes of the world. And I meant every word I said: Mary – Kate and Ashley Olsen now have a range of sunglasses ready to hit stores this November. Ranging between $150 and $265, this is the teaser of a more important collection set for the Spring of 2011. The two models presented now (the Fairfax and the Hudson) can also be found in a limited luxury edition – with 24karat gold coated lenses at $425. Wouldn’t you want some quality golden eye vision? I think I’ll stick with Dior’s contact lenses if I absolutely have to have some gold in my eyes! (via)

Mary Kate Ashley Olsen Sunglasses Fairfax Hudson

Mary Kate Ashley Olsen Sunglasses

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#1 Adriana on 07.07.10 at 7:38 am

I like those (without the “golden price”) especially the colour of the glasses. Nice. I would like to own the pair in the middle.

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