The Real House Of Gaga…

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Lady Gaga hasn’t graced the gossip fuel tank with anything new recently. Though I’m sure she’s on to something scandalous, we’ve been deprived of our daily dose of Gaganess. And that is just unthinkable.

For some. Thus in just two days two different Gaga residences have appeared. Both claiming to be the real House Of Gaga. I don’t know which is real and which is not, and where does actually Gaga lays her deranged… ahem inspired head down. There’s just one thing I’d like you to tell me – if Lady Gaga is such an unalterable source of inspiration and modernity, borderline troubled art, why do both residences look so… normal? Ordinary, I might say, if it wasn’t for all that ostentatious luxury? (click trough to see more images!) (via 1, 2)

Lady Gaga house

Hint: It seems that the real house of Gaga is what you’ll see in these three first images of the present article. The remaining five images could show you someone else’s house. Nothing is certain, though… And is that’s her real house, what’s up with the cliché Marilyn obsession?

Lady Gaga house inside

Lady Gaga mansion

Lady Gaga mansion fake

Lady Gaga mansion kitchen fake

Lady Gaga mansion livingroom fake

Lady Gaga mansion sleepingroom fake

Lady Gaga mansion bathroom fake


#1 Adriana on 07.07.10 at 7:35 am

Guess she loves some normality when being at “home”? Celeb cribs (homes) always look so designed, showrooms where no one really lives.
Off all cribs I saw once Pamela Anderson’s (now renovated and lost I believe, hopes not??) and that was the cutest, real warm HOME I’ve ever seen by a celeb. It was visible she did it herself and people lived their really.

#2 Nanna og mille on 08.10.11 at 4:30 am

hello i love you (:
love you also us.
bye Nanna and Mille.

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