13 Amazing Fabric Inspired Wedding Cakes

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I know you’re with me on that one: there’s no party unless there’s a cake involved! And making a cake, a really good one (without even mentioning the aesthetics) is really an art!

How about the looks of the cake? We’ve seen the highs, we’ve seen some lows in our lives, I’m sure (I won’t even begin to tell you about my cake wrecks. It’s all part of the cake fun, right?). Now I’m here to show you some pretty mind blowing fabric inspired wedding cakes! I don’t know how they’ll ever eat those! I couldn’t touch’em, they’re perfect! Can you disagree? (via. Oh, and who’s the artist behind these amazing Fabric Inspired Wedding Cakes? click here to find out)

White Brown wedding cakes

white red flowers wedding cakes

fabric inspired wedding cakes lace

red flowers wedding cake

all white lace wedding cake

white flowers applique wedding cake

white matelasse wedding cake

crewelwork white wedding cake

Tiny flowers wedding cake calico

Rose petals wedding cake

peachy wedding cake


#1 maria on 06.28.10 at 9:55 pm

Love the calico fabric inspired cakes! It must have taken so many hours to decorate some of these cakes. Great post, thanks!

#2 Bronwyn on 10.16.20 at 10:34 am

I agree! That Calico cake is spectacular! Love the detail! I think that Blue and yellow flowers would be lovely. OR if the cake was Tiffany or Wedgewood blue with white flowers.

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