Cheer Up Keanu Meme Evolution. Happy Hump Day!

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We’re dedicating this Happy Hump Day moment to the Sad Keanu meme. Because we love him too and because we really want to see him cheered up. This is a Keanu appreciation moment, ladies (and gents), step up and join the world wide web who’s fighting to cheer Keanu Reeves up!

If you’re looking for an explanation to all this meme madness, please click through and you’ll see just where it all began. And the magic that came after seeing Keanu sad. Sometimes, the people of the Internet can be amazingly kind and nice and … well, I won’t keep you any longer! Happy Hump Cheer Keanu Day everyone!

It all started with a picture of Keanu Reeves taken by the paparazzi, biensur. When the people of the internet saw Keanu so sad and lonely (judging by the image), they all began making suppositions and telling stories about him. And soon they discovered that they only knew nice stories about him. That there wasn’t something crappy to say about the man/actor and that everybody loved him. So they began playing around with that image, making fun of it, shopping it everywhere. Turning the sad Keanu image into an internet meme.

Sad Keanu Paparazzi photo

So many pictures of Keanu, so many people wanting to cheer him up, it’s heartmelting. Not the usual harassing, aggressive comments, not the usual bullying. Everybody loves Keanu. They even made June 15th the Cheer Up Keanu Day. (however, Keanu’s reps officially stated that he is in no way affiliated with this day or the events surrounding the interwebs in relation to that. Which is completely understandable. Nevertheless, we still have our Sad Keanu meme and below are few of my favorite photoshopped Sad Keanu images, hope you enjoy all of them. And don’t forget: Cheer Up, Keanu, we still love you, even if you’re immortal! (via 1, 2, 3, 4)

Sad Keanu cats

Sad Keanu constructor

Sad Keanu White House

UPDATE: as the Internet days are ever so restless, one can freeze in meme time only so long until someone, someone came up with yet another awesome idea! About Sad Keanu! A Sad Keanu action figure! Duh – I wonder what they took them so long!

Keanu Reeves with Sad Keanu Action  Figure

awww! How amazing is that? Keanu Reeves laughing while looking at his Sad Keanu action figure!

So from the Ron Asadorian (Splash News) taken photograph of Keanu sitting on a bench, eating a sandwich to the ‘Cheer Up Keanu Day’ and ever-so-endearing memes of sad Keanu everywhere, now we take it a step further with a little help from the revolutionary 3D printing technique. Nancy Lian, a designer based in New York City took it upon herself to turn Sad Keanu into an action figure available for purchase at Shapeways ($45).

bench Sad Keanu Action Figure

how amazing are the photo sets imagined by Japanese toys giant idk with Sad Keanu?

Wait, there’s more! As you well know, Publicity makes the world go round and the Japanese toy giant idk took things further by placing Sad Keanu in a series of photos with amazing settings and characters. Scenery recreating some of the most famous memes ever made including Sad Keanu show that there’s no limit to what you can do with your Sad Keanu action figure! Amazing!

Sad Keanu Action Figure settings

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#1 Adriana on 06.23.10 at 2:08 pm

Awww…….but recently I saw a photo of Keanu and Charlize Theron having great fun!! :)
Well done this. Even the just married Swedish royal couple is present. :)

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