Karl Lagerfeld’s 3 Suisses Vs. Palombo’s Vanity Karl

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There’s something tragically serious and somber about Karl Lagerfeld’s work. Sometimes. Sometimes he’s just ridiculously, ridiculously funny. And we love him for that!

Karl Lagerfeld is getting his high street fashion fix. Sort of. 3 Suisses has a special Fall Winter 2010 moment with the Kaiser. And he’s getting his photo-fix with them too, via Iris Strubegger. (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

3 Suisses Karl Lagerfeld cover

3 Suisses Karl Lagerfeld

It could be a hint, it could be just that Karl Lagerfeld is a man of the present and the times are changing – affordable fashion is the word and austere is the feeling. However, let us not forget the fun part of this story – completely unrelated to the 3 Suisses above mentioned collaboration, Alexsando Palombo covers his own version of today’s Karl. Remember Claudia Schiffer’s baby bump Vogue cover? Well here’s Karl’s very own baby bump cover as well! (via 1, 2, 3, 4)

Karl Lagerfeld pregnant Humor Chic

3 Suisses Karl Lagerfeld 1 Humor Chic Karl Lagerfeld 1 Humor Chic Karl Lagerfeld Valentino

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