Style Is In The Details

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The funniest part about street style is its Forrest Gump potential. Street style is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get next! I surely wasn’t ready for this!

Ladies and gents of style, I give you Natalie from Madrid! You may not see it right away, but I assure you, Natalie’s style is well hidden in the details of her very outfit: keep a sharp eye on her and you’ll see just what I mean! Jeans vest trend check! head piece trend check! skinny jeans trend check! unisex tee trend check! now there goes the trickiest: have you seen her bag? It’s a Loewe, sure, but it’s the care bag, not the actual Loewe bag… Wait, there’s more! Have you seen the shoes? Watch’em right after the jump (and cast your vote after the last image)! (photos via)

Skinny Jeans Large hat flat shoes

large black hat white tee

watch black patent leather shoes

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