Kate Moss Does Vogue UK April 2010

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While we were enthusiastically discussing the wonderful Red Carpet that graced this year’s Oscars Ceremony, in a land not far away, Kate Moss happened on the cover of Vogue April 2010, the British edition!

I wish I could tell you I felt remotely surprised (I even asked myself why they took them so long to bring her back! I mean – last September? Pfff that’s an eternity long!). I even wish I could tell you the cover brings a new Kate! (is that even humanly possible, after all this time in fashion and modelling?) Well, until the editorial pictures appear (which I can tell you right now they’re trying to fed us a Basic Instinct Kate), the cover is what we have to run our covers mill (oh, in case you’re wondering, the Devil is wearing Prada on the cover!) (photo via)

Kate Moss Vogue UK April 2010 cover


#1 Ellington on 03.09.10 at 4:32 pm

It is nice to see a model on the cover of a fashion magazine.
Kate looks nice and I love the dress she is wearing.
But I guess Kate got the cover because there was no actresses plugging a new film.

#2 Bibi in wonderland on 03.10.10 at 1:35 am

Kate is getting more and more gorgeous as years go by!

#3 raul on 03.10.10 at 7:48 am

kate AGAIN???? soooooo boring…it seems the british vogue editor has a crush on this monster…

#4 Adriana on 03.10.10 at 1:51 pm

Today in the city I saw a Dutch Marie Claire with the crème de la crème of Dutch models on a double cover. Doutzen in the lead. I become more and more proud on our Dutch covers! :)

Nou, nou, raul, Kate is not a monster and to Bibi: she does not get more gorgeous by the year but more photoshopped. Alexandra Shulman is still devoted or loyal to Kate. Yes, it’s a great cover but only thanks to photoshop…..nice dress too btw. Now I only wonder what “undressed glamour” is?

#5 anom on 03.11.10 at 12:13 am

At least she isn’t pruning…someone has been reading the fan blogs!

#6 baen on 03.11.10 at 5:35 am

It sounds like u were even challenged to report this. UK Vogue continues to sink faster than I thought. They need to work harder for their industry. Any serious model would be dead caught on the pages of UK Vogue. It has become a tabloid.

#7 Juliet on 03.16.10 at 2:27 pm

I agree with ellington, its good to see real models, as opposed to singers or actresses, she really beautiful.

#8 Juliet on 03.16.10 at 2:37 pm

Although, in saying that, I have just looked at the cover with jennifer aniston on it and the pictures were really interesting, i think it really depends on the moviestar that goes on the cover, some chosen well, some are not.

#9 Denise @ Swelle on 04.30.10 at 4:53 am

Am I the only one who thinks she looks stoned? She’s phoned it in again, I couldn’t believe it when I ripped open the package and saw those bleary eyes staring back at me. My guess is everyone’s so used to seeing her this way no one notices anymore.

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