Kate Moss Covers Vogue UK September 2009

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Yesterday, two legends opened the road for September Magazines! Here goes Vogue UK with none the other but Kate Moss! You didn’t thought she was going to lay that Brigitte Bardot thing to rest, now did you?

Heavy eyeliner, blonde bouffant above the shoulder locks, neutral, slightly pink nuanced lip gloss, Kate Moss proudly shows her freckles and a slightly changed face structure for this Vogue September cover. (yes, you heard that right, she only has the cover!) Is it just me or there’s something strange with her prune.. ahem mouth? From all things bad, I have to admit Kate Moss looks just as beautiful as ever, fashion’s safest choice! How do you like Vogue UK September 2009? (already picked up your butter beige trench for this fall?)(photo via)

Kate Moss Vogue UK September 2009 cover


#1 Adriana on 08.04.09 at 9:09 am

I see something strange on her left (or right) eye. Showing her party ways or not well done photoshop?
Where are the freckles?

#2 Daydreamer on 08.04.09 at 10:08 am

Yes where are the freckles? But she looks beautiful on the cover.

#3 deka on 08.04.09 at 1:16 pm

love this cover
she is stunning
just when i was ready to write her off…
she’s got that something that i dont see in a lot “newer models”

#4 Adriana on 08.04.09 at 1:30 pm

Deka, you’re right. What we see here is a woman. A woman with life experience. Whatever the experience is. I had already wrote her off but this cover is really nice. Never thought I should write this. I’ve to be honest though….but I still miss the freckles! ;)

#5 kpriss on 08.04.09 at 1:55 pm

I added a larger image (click through the original to see it) avec freckles ;)

as for her eyes – it’s the shadow. The light comes from above Kate’s head hence the eyelid and the eyelashes’ shadowing the eyeliner.

#6 Ellington on 08.05.09 at 4:43 pm

Kate Moss maybe many things but one thing she mos def is, she is a stellar model!
She looks lovely and it is nice to see a model on a September fashion issue. :)

#7 bende on 08.07.09 at 8:00 pm

What the F*** are you drugged-up bitches so excited about? Do they have no models left in the U.K. I have no problems with Kate being on a cover but when they all look the same for the 28th time – it’s a joke! Her contribution to fashion is nil and she knows it. This skag is milking it for all its worth, so much for playing victim.

Alexandra Schulman has a lot to answer for:
1. If all you can do is put the same model on every cover then why bother coming to work. To think she is considered for U.S Vogue – hahaha!Anna Wintour she aren’t
2. Your dress sense screams ‘Mum of a dozen kids’ not ‘Fashion Editor’.
3. So much for taking a stand against size zero models, yet you support the drug habits of this drugged-out w*ore. What are you promoting here? The drugged-out, urchin heroine chic has been on our landscape for two decades, yet you continue to promote this in a fashion magazine – HYPROCRITE!
4. Your life changed when you landed at Vogue, unfortunately you have not changed ours.

So please stop raving about every F*** cover Kate is on because it’s a F***** waste of space in your drugged-out universe. If you want fashion Buy ITALIAN VOGUE!

British Vogue – buy if you want to wipe it with your bottom!

#8 Ellington on 08.08.09 at 10:26 am

Ye gads bende! Your behavior and language is extremely rude and crass. To make a comment like that attacking others whom you do not know and do not agree with is the height of being obtuse.
If you do not like something fine, state it as such, but do not be so baseless and common as to hurl invective and unsubstantiated comments towards others.

#9 Adriana on 08.08.09 at 10:38 am

Ellington, she/he has somewhat a point. I get her/his drift. Only she/he could have put it different. More nicely. You’ve also sometimes opinions about persons you do not know in real life right? Right!
Why are Kate Moss and other or another model(s) always admired because photoshop i.e. is so miraculous why they can be so “gross” in real as has been proved? Beauty always wins? That’s in fact shallow. Just saying….

#10 Ellington on 08.08.09 at 11:25 am

Yes Adriana I was not discounting his or her’s point of view I was discounting the language used.
Yes one can agree disagree like or dislike someone or something but to call us all a bunch of drugged up bitches and telling us that we live in a drugged up universe. THAT is what I take offense to!
Never have I ever used cursing or invective or name calling (using slurs) if and when I do not agree with what anyone says. I never attack them personally just the argument presented.
Also you said you liked this cover, as did I.
I don’t love Kate Moss but I do think that she is good at her job (taking photos), and every single magazine uses photo-shop so it is truly a moot point.

#11 bende on 08.08.09 at 10:19 pm

ThankS Adriana! I think you read me correctly. In the heat of the moment which I’m sure you have too, I have stated – as someone who dearly loves British Vogue – with anger how it is letting us down. I’ve been monitoring this bizaar Kate infactuation and it seems like every fashionista just sits there and watch British Vogue being turned into a celebrity magazine. It’s VOGUE, over 100 years of history, and this is all they can churn out?
Wake-up Alexandra!
* Why has Naomi Campbell not been on the cover this decade?
* Don’t complain why models these days are not getting covers, well 28 has gone to Kate!
* Fashion aside – Read the antics of Kate(a mother of one) in the dailymail.co.uk and ask yourself is this what women today aspire to? in the U.K perhaps?

#12 bende on 08.08.09 at 10:28 pm

Ellington – it’s fashion talk, sweetie. Kiss, kiss!

#13 Tanya on 08.09.09 at 3:51 am

What! Kate again. Not sure what they are doing at British Vogue. Fashion is about ‘New’, this look has been done over and over again. Let’s move on!
Bende – Wicked!

#14 kpriss on 08.09.09 at 5:43 am

It may be fashion talk, but even fashion has its etiquette and wisely choosing your words is somewhat like Vogue choosing its covers. You wouldn’t want to see fashion-less or moral-less covers, now would you? we wouldn’t want to read such comments either. Just like you did in your second (and third) comment, bende, you can do so much better than your first outburst! Thanks for being fashionably clean!

#15 Bende on 08.09.09 at 7:03 am

Kpriss -point taken. Thank s for the opinion, much appreciated. Now, back to the discussion. The cover…?

#16 Adriana on 08.10.09 at 4:34 am

Bende, I agree with a lot of your points.
I’ve the feeling that since Kate’s coke/Doherty adventures the UK fashion people that has the powers came together to form a group to save Kate: The Safe Kate Moss Charity! (that’s what I called it at time). I remember how she stayed safe in the US and came back very carefully dressed as Christine Keeler. Is she that smart or was it the charity-safe-group? Anyway, they were enchanted she looked like that with her head humble bowed. After that her fame got higher and higher until she was super women, super stylish, leader of the pack, the only gorgeous model ever blahblahblah etc. etc. and got on with her antics even more than ever. Since she’s “back” every time something happened again in the off/on Doherty relationship Vogue.com brought another homage the UK’s “the one and only queen of style ever” and she had another cover! They didn’t wrote a word that some other things were going on too. And they mentioned the number of their covers proudly every time she was on it. “See here all Kate Moss covers”!! Back then, I’ve been a big Moss fan once, the woman began to annoy me! Especially since I’ve never found her such a great dresser at all. She wore things I saw on the streets and have seen before. But Vogue.com brought every look wore by Kate if it was the revelation in fashion of all times! I do “read” Daily Mail too. I do not read or/and believe everything they write of course. If so I would go nuts! But photos tells a lot. She’s drunk and chain smoking in London or drunk chain smoking sunbathing somewhere where the rich and famous has ruined all what was nice in those places. Ugh! Sometimes Lila can comes with her. Must be great for a little girl at last with mummy in the fresh air mixed with nicotine and her drunk famous friends.
Yeah why hadn’t Naomi a cover or one of the other supers or another great model more covers? I don’t care that much how Alexandra looks but if she was consequent she would show it more via Vogue but she acts the opposite.
Bende, I think the fashion scene has been changed into a celeb thing everywhere. And gossip magazines and columns talk about celeb lines and their outfits. But the “serious” fashion world talks about it too! I’ve always liked Vogue UK the best for years. Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris are great but I can’t read them. Read the prestigious NY Times The Cut or Style.com and their news is often “via Daily Mail”. Not the antics of course only photos.
Fashion has lost a lot of its magic. The mystery has gone. Especially the last decade. It’s almost 2010, times have changed due to a lot off things so a new decade is coming up with another approach? I can’t hardly believe it since even Vogue Italia had Pixie Geldof on the cover.

That eye is a the eye of someone who does party too much, not the shadow, and apparently the photoshop begins to fail. The cheekbones are still there but the rest……I keep it decent here so I say very polite: go away Kate Moss! Stay on a boat in Mediterranean with your friends. But alas uncle Philip Green has other plans. She’s now a “designer” and probably also a “business woman” in the near future. How can she be that? I’ve no clue but she has to stay famous to brainwash us so they can earn their money with La Moss. Well, they do haven’t succeed to brainwash me. And who am I? I guess and hope not the only one. So go now Kate. What I say out loud is not so decent at all…….and I stop to react on Kate Moss I’m gonna ignore her! Ehh, except for the often funny and witty comments of the Daily Mail commenters lol! End of rant.

#17 Adriana on 08.10.09 at 4:36 am

OMG……argghhhhh…….I believe I had something I had to get rid off……or someone….

#18 enan on 08.15.09 at 10:30 am


full-on discussion.I’m with Adriana!

#19 Adriana on 08.16.09 at 5:57 am

Thanx enan.
OMG I haven’t read this anymore since I’ve posted it……yeah WOAH. But I don’t take one word back.
Full on discussion? Hahaha, I don’t think so. That’s “blasphemous” I guess in this case?

Bende, so where are you now? These are just facts.

#20 Adriana on 08.16.09 at 6:00 am

Argggh, partied last night. Looks like La Moss now :) ;)
*But I don’t take one word back. I’m still fully 100% agree with myself.*

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