Tim Burton’s 9

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In my undeniably crushing passion for animated movies, I came across a tiny piece of wonder called 9 (Nine). It’s produced by Tim Burton and if you’ll take a look at the trailer, you’ll see it fits his world perfectly.

It’s a spoiler, definitely, but you should know that when it comes to animation, I’m rarely distracted/deranged by a trailer. I love animated movies to much to allow a teaser to spoil the fun and the interest. There’s more: while it bears the Tim Burton seal, 9 is not his actual doing so don’t blame the loop-like, repetitive action flaws on him! (that is if you watched it already or you’re going to!). The animation, however? Isn’t it beautiful? (via)

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#1 Ellington on 12.12.09 at 9:08 am

It is rather nifty. :)
Nine was released months ago.

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