MoMa’s Tim Burton Exhibition

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And to think I was wondering why all the hipsters were flying in for the MoMa when they opened the Tim Burton thing!

I found these images “from inside”. And I was instantly charmed. Charmstruck. Charmstoned! Don’t believe me? Click through, click through, let’s be artsy, darlings! It’s Tim Burton at the MoMa!

Tim Burton Moma exhibiton drawing

Opened until April 2010, the exhibit not only features some extraordinary, larger than life Tim Burton creations (any kind, both on and off screen), but also family workshops, and screenings of his 16 movies (whoa!) and his most inspiring monster movies (there must be something wrong with me, I totally, absolutely, without any reserve whatsoever hate monster/horror movies! I’ll never be a true artist, sigh! But you know what? I’m at peace with that! Because there’ll always be Tim Burton!). So they’d be screening those films 4 times over so that anyone will have an honest chance to catch’em. Ready to hit the MoMa? Not? Then at least I hope you enjoy the clippings below and the videos! (via)

Tim Burton Moma exhibiton work

Tim Burton Moma exhibiton

Tim Burton Moma retrospective

Tim Burton Moma


#1 s. on 11.30.09 at 10:24 am

He is a fu*ing genious ( sorry for swear but I must say it!).
I’m a big fan of his work since I’ve got memory I hope they could take this exhibition to Europe.

There are also Mars Attack!’s aliens! I saw that movie when I was 5 and they realy scared me ( I used to sing Only You before close my eyes and sleep, just in case).

#2 Ellington on 11.30.09 at 12:33 pm

I like his work. It brings to mind Edward Gorey and Chas Addams’ work. Whimsical and a tad macabre. :)
I would mos def love to check out the MOMA for this exhibit but then I love the MOMA for any exhibit. :)

#3 Adriana on 12.01.09 at 9:53 am

The MoMa is the Museum for Modern Art my dear ladies? Right? Can’t we set up a meeting? I would love to go there loving Tim Burton, visit the Moma and see New York at the same time. Sighs…:)

#4 Emm on 12.14.09 at 1:11 am

Don’t really like the joke, shooting a constipated poodle… I guess I should’ve guessed Burton is that dark.
LOVE him and his work…not so in love after said, kinda lame cartoon. Oh well.
I keep forgetting this exhibit is at the MoMa…

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