Lindsay Lohan Is Muse No 20

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Muse is an artsy fancy magazine based in Milan. Far from being celebrity – focused, Muse magazine’s 20th cover is held by tabloids girl extraordinaire, Lindsay Lohan.

With an improbably surprising title “Lindsay Exposed”, the Muse pictorial is supposed to recreate Kate Moss and Johnny Depp back in their four years relationship, in the mid/late 90s (Johnny is impersonated by Petey Wright, a young male model). (the story continues right after the jump with more images, click here to see the gallery)

Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine cover

I wish I could be artistically pleased by the aesthetics of this pictorial. I wish I could be at least morally provoked by the postures Lindsay is photographed in. I’m not. I think Lindsay is a professional model. A professional scandal model. She’s doing this better than anyone. (before and after her; as a matter of fact, I’m beginning to see authentic similarities between her and Marilyn. Rarely has anyone as irrelevant caused so much stir, controversy and more irrelevance. Yet, everyone’s talking about Lindsay. Whether it’s supposedly about her “fashion” career or any other path she’s taking, Lindsay wasn’t born with the silver spoon, she was born with the spot light in her DNA! Reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith…)

Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine no 20

However, to state the facts clear as daylight, this is how Lindsay’s Muse photoshoot was supposed to look like! (Kate and Johnny Depp, 1994, Annie Leibowitz) Which is simply beyond words and any artistic ego excuse. Lindsay has finally managed to trash up any valuable trace from the original Kate Moss – intention ahem imitation.

Johnny Depp Kate Moss Annie Leibovitz 1994

Is it just me, or since she lost all that weight, Lindsay has suddenly become more and more courted by fashion (and magazines)? (photos via)

Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine

Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine 20

Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine 3 Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine 4 Lindsay Lohan Muse Magazine 5


#1 Adriana on 12.08.09 at 7:09 am

I’m not at all interested in Lindsay Lohan. But she’s pushed in my face everywhere!
Go away with that girl! Just don’t pay attention to her……pffffff……
I love the band Muse though…..:))

#2 Ellington on 12.08.09 at 11:02 am

I cannot abide Lindsay Lohan, she messes up all the time without any remorse or any attempt to try and get her acting on track and the shallow sycophants keep on forgiving her and giving her more attention and chances that she does not deserve. She acts like she deserves the attention. :P
This photo shoot is lame and if I was Kate Moss I would sue for defamation of character! She is not doing the Kate and Johnny shoot any honour or favours.

#3 Adriana on 12.09.09 at 5:30 am

Girls, I don’t see any comparison with the Kate and Johnny shoot. Not one bit! The one with Lindsay and that uninterested looking model on top of her looks like soft porn. So cheap. :P

#4 kpriss on 12.09.09 at 11:05 am

yeah, well, we’ve come a mighty long road from 1994! Things evolve, you know?

(I was being sarcastic :( ) I think the shoot is distasteful and gross. And I just wish people would represent themselves through some quality act, something dignifying for them and the others. Lilo is a scandal pro.

#5 cc on 01.04.10 at 2:26 am

In ‘Mean Girls’ she was a pretty, young woman. Now she looks like an angry old housewife with a trout pout

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