Dare to Wear Dried Fruits Jewelry?

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Since we already started an art related topic with Linda Evangelista’s W magazine pictorial, I thought it would be a great occasion to touch a very art – sensible chord of mine.

You know I like artsy fancy things. Under a smiling circumstance. I love everything I can smile about, feel good with / about. The Dried Fruits Rings and Necklaces by Cathy from La Prochaine Fois really stretches my face in a wrinkle – friendly smile! (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

dried orange ring

raw dried fruit ring

Besides being utterly remarkable as art object converted from simple, natural resources, these Dried Fruits Jewelry pieces have a terribly familiar air to them. When I was in high school, I used to make necklaces from apple seeds. Fresh, apple seeds in very long strands! (now you know the secret of my youth – I used to eat tons of apples when I was in high school! Joking! The only thing I [visibly] got from eating that much apple was the alarmingly increasing desire to banish the apple from my sight, my refrigerator and any kind of close-to-me storage for a very loooong time and a temporary mild stomach trouble). Getting back to the Dried Fruits Jewelry pieces: don’t they look lovely?

dried fruits necklace apple

dried fruit ring apple

Cathy, who had this as dried jewelry thing as a school project since she’s an art student, thought of the variations offered to her by using these natural resources, so besides the raw dried fruits she used for the necklaces and rings, she chose to apply wax or lacquer on the fragile dried fruit / vegetables. While she’s still waiting to see how the natural raw dried fruits rings turn out with time passing, the thought of having altered the natural raw form for the necklaces isn’t quite fitting this time / memories project she’s been following all along.

dried fruits necklace

As always, I’m impressed by how simple things can provide immense beauty, by the talent lying in the human mind and the endless possibilities offered by our immediate surroundings. That’s my kind of art. There’s nothing “pushed”, forced in these Dried Fruits Jewelry pieces. And making things last forever is working against us. We don’t last forever. And that theory of ever – changing, transforming matter is more appealing to me than a pile of dust crawling over a memories chest. So, dare to wear Cathy’s Dried Fruits Rings and Necklaces? (rings, necklaces)

vegetable ring

dried fruits rings apple

dried apple necklace

dried fruits rings

dried fruits rings 1 dried fruits rings 2 dried fruits necklace 1

dried fruits necklace 2 dried fruits necklace 3 dried fruits necklace 4

dried fruits ring necklace dried fruits necklace 5


#1 Ellington on 10.19.09 at 4:36 pm

They are rather nifty looking but I prefer to eat my dried fruit rather than wear it. :)

#2 dalia on 10.19.09 at 5:47 pm

i saw a girl selling earrings of dried orange, lemon and lime slices, among other things. i thought they were cool, but like ellington above, i’d rather eat my froots than wear them.

#3 Adriana on 10.20.09 at 1:29 am

I do! At first side I loved the view at second side and after reading the article I wouldn’t mind wearing some of those once and while. I prefer the dried orange ring typing this while I sip my huge glass of fresh pressed orange juice :)
I’ve tried to make lots off things once from the rind of oranges in the past. Just put 3 of those in the garbage can………Yes, I also eat fruit and vegetables being a brave girl. My granny taught me that :)

#4 kpriss on 10.20.09 at 6:05 am

You have to admit, however, that the idea of art vs time is rather challenging. Every artist dreams about immortality and some consider their art as a Dorian Gray kind of portrait. They’re already sold to mortality, so might as well do beautiful things to outlast them, represent them gorgeously. Making jewelry pieces from something as perishable as fruits and vegetables is an offense to pretentious art. Because it doesn’t live up to the immortality standard. Because, like that Century Of Loneliness creepy end, everything ends up being dust. We first. Now if you’re worrying that I may have turned bitter and sorrow ate my happy soul, don’t! I just think it’s honest to admit that art, just like as, should be mortal. We should allow ourselves to evolve, from a fresh start.

(too many should’ve something, anything. everything. I’ve been spending too much time with the kids! Let me take that “mum” cardigan off!)

Hm, anyways, I’m curious what’ll be next for Cathy! She has such a fresh vibe and ready to pursue her dreams!

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