Cindy Crawford’s Home Collection For JCPenney

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I wonder if there’s a marketing how-to book guiding celeb to their appropriate celeb-design self, the right design for the right celeb. Nicole Richie has jewelry (and soon, shoes), Lindsay Lohan has leggings and self tanner, Kate Moss adds a cookbook to her TopShop empire and so on.

Those dreaming about Eva Mendes can even buy a set of bedsheets designed by Eva Mendes herself! Now for those dreaming of Cindy Crawford (still), we’ve got her Cindy Crawford Style home furnishing and accessories! (the story continues after the jump!)

Cindy Crawford Style home collection JC Penney

The exclusively JC Penney retailed collection premieres in September 2009, featuring classic, timeless designs with a fresh twist. Cindy Crawford Style home furnishing collection ranges from $169,99 for the queen comforter set to $9,99 for the bath towel. (with $49,99 for 400TV sheets, $29,99 for a blanket/throw, $129 for furniture pieces, $119,99 for the wall décor, $69.99 for lighting and area rugs, $59 for accent furniture, $29.99 for window coverings, $23.99 for window hardware&accessories, $24.99 for decorative accessories, $23.99 for decorative pillows, $24.99 for table top items).

How do you find Cindy Crawford Style home collection? (via 1, 2)

Cindy Crawford Bedding collection JC Penney

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#1 Ellington on 04.08.09 at 3:31 pm

I know that she has done sofas, some of them were quite lovely and comfortable. Now she is doing linen. Well it looks nice and I am sure it will sell.
Oh and as an aside I saw that Pricilla Presley has a linen collection too. It was on the Canadian Home Shopping network.

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