Stripes For Your Home: Lemlem & Anthro

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Remember the gorgeous Liya Kebede? Besides looking down on us, mortals, from skyscraper-sized ad billboards and caressing the catwalks with her feline demarche, she’s also involved in countless charities and militant activities besides being an actress and a mother! However, it’s not about all that today: it’s about your home and how you can ethically decorate it with Lemlem!

Lemlem – you may remember we talked about this brand a while back when highlighting the Born Free campaign – is proudly ‘Made in Ethiopia’, supporting the local weaving tradition and hard hand work of local weavers. Going beyond the clothes and accessories for both women and kids, Lemlem by Liya Kebede now extends into homewear (with a little help from Anthropologie).

Liya Kebede Lemlem Ethiopia

From tablecloths and duvet sets, shower curtains, towels and napkins, lemlem’s happy stripes can definitely help make your home summer-ready and contribute to an ethical cause. Anthro knows best, so if you’re feeling ready to add some seasonal accents to your interiors, don’t forget the pillows, the napkins or even the candles!

Anthropologie duvet set summer Lemlem

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Don’t these look cozy, fresh and comforting? Perfect for summer (and beyond)! And when you think about the ethical principle behind Lemlem it all becomes so much clearer and appealing!

summer bedding lemlem anthro

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A quick roundup of the lounge wear section will definitely convince you that you need the Horizon Striped tee in your life and all your days could be so much comfier with a pair of Saali Shorts! Don’t forget to make a mention in your lemlem Anthro Journal about the beautiful Bara or Makeda Duvets – guaranteed to make your mornings brighter!

summer clothes Anthropologie Lemlem

Every item seems created with one purpose in mind: comfort! And since comfort is an essential ingredient for both our wardrobe but also our living space, having Lemlem embrace all the facets of ‘wear’ homewear, loungewear, workwear, casualwear, kidswear and so on is the natural thing to do.

journal candles anthro lemlem

Although similar in style to the original Lemlem home items, the collection proposed by Anthropologie is a distinct one – this brings yet another positive appreciation into this ethical fashion game, well done Liya! Bringing all the traditional patterns and fabrics into fashion was an amazing initiative allowing the world to participate and support! Every little thing helps!

summer home accents lemlem anthropologie

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