Vida Bedding Collection By Eva Mendes

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Let us open wide our arms and welcome Eva, the latest member of the celeb-turned-designer club. I’m beginning to have a AA feeling about all this:

All celebs turning from their usual acting/singing to fashion and design. Is this a way to detoxify their career or to accumulate bank account energy? Getting back to Eva Mendes’ latest news – not about movies, of course. And no, not about Calvin Klein’s allegedly racy campaign (that she promised to continue, by the way!). It’s about bedding. A Latin inspired collection called Vida: Bettina ($340 + $100 completer set), Isabella ($340 + $100 completer set), Rosa ($425 + $100 completer set), Kalia ($340 + $100 completer set). The Collection was made with George Augusto and will hit stores starting mid-September. What difference does it make when you slip in Ikea bedding or Eva Mendes?

Eva Mendes Vida Bedding Collection
(via people, businesswire)


#1 Ellington on 09.15.08 at 5:10 pm

At least bed sheets are innocuous.
They will most likely marked down in a white sale in the near future.

#2 anita banks on 01.03.09 at 8:56 am

I am looking for the completer set for VIDA- Bettina (MACYS are all out). HELP

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