Dare To Wear Demitasse, Demistache Unconventional Jewelry?

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Our friend, Ellington, sent me an email the other day asking me to take a look at some jewelry she found interesting. So I did. And I thank her for giving me the opportunity to talk about these funny yet beautiful jewelry pieces!

Demitasse Jewelry is a brand imagined and designed by Rachael White since 2006. Her reinventions of opulence with antique tableware transformed into fine crafted pieces of exquisite fine jewelry take you back to an age of real home entertainment and table veritable luxury, when being born with a silver spoon had a true meaning.

Demitasse Jewelry Covered in numerous fashion and lifestyle magazines, Rachael White’s Demitasse classy jewelry with an edge prove to be a favorite of stars and magazines editors.

I confess being pleasantly surprised by the originality and ancient flavor of these beautiful creations. Would you treat yourself with some golden age of the tableware jewelry?

Demitasse Demistache Jewelry


#1 Ellington on 01.11.09 at 5:12 pm

Thanks for sharing this Kpriss!
I really like these pieces I like the whimsy and the fun of them! I also find them elegant.

#2 Jazz on 01.19.09 at 6:10 pm

These are really pretty! I love the ones in the top left the most.

#3 Tiita on 07.24.10 at 6:58 pm

Love it!

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